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Blood Creek

Blood Creek Inhaltsverzeichnis

Evans todgeglaubter Bruder Victor taucht nach zwei Jahren aus dem Nichts wieder auf und bittet verzweifelt um Hilfe. Er erzählt von einer okkulten Familie, die ihn gefangen gehalten und gequält hat. Sein mit Narben übersäter Körper genügt Evan als. Blood Creek (OT: Town Creek, AT: Creek) ist ein US-amerikanischer Horrorfilm aus dem Jahr von Joel Schumacher. Mit BLOOD CREEK kehrt Joel Schumacher zum Horror-Genre zurück. Angesichts der in brillantem Schwarzweiß gehaltenen Prolog-Sequenz erwartet man im. Blood Creek ein Film von Joel Schumacher mit Henry Cavill, Dominic Purcell. Inhaltsangabe: Evan (Henry Cavill) staunt nicht schlecht, als sein Bruder Victor. Entdecke die Filmstarts Kritik zu "Blood Creek" von Joel Schumacher: Ein aus dem Krieg zurückgekehrter US-Soldat, ein überarbeiteter Rettungssanitäter.

Blood Creek

Blood Creek: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Blood Creek. Evans todgeglaubter Bruder Victor taucht nach zwei Jahren plötzlich aus dem Nichts wieder auf und. Blood Creek ein Film von Joel Schumacher mit Henry Cavill, Dominic Purcell. Inhaltsangabe: Evan (Henry Cavill) staunt nicht schlecht, als sein Bruder Victor.

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Natalie Dormer The Tudors - Seizoen 1 23, Not a whole lot of time is spent on character development for all involved, the film choosing instead to jump headlong into a notably gory free for all, banding together with the poor German family who has had to deal with this psycho for almost a generation on their farm.

At a crisp ninety minutes, there ain't much time for anything but action and gore, with a few scarcely scattered, breathless moments of exposition that were already made clear in that prologue, the one interlude of the film that isn't soaked in adrenaline.

Hats off to Fassbender under all that chatty, gooey makeup, his physicality is really menacing, and who else gets to play a Nazi vampire zombie who pounds a metal stake into his own forehead to make room for an emerging third eye?

Truly a villain for the ages, had the film been allowed to gain any notoriety. And what other film can boast a sequence in which Purcell eagerly blasts zombified, rabid horses with a shotgun, chunks flying all over the barn?

Such are the levels of disturbed imagination on parade. Poor Schumacher though, really. This would've been his first good film in awhile back then, and the studio goes in for the kill on every single marketing front, not even giving it decent room to breathe on DVD.

At least it's still floating about on iTunes, where any horror fan would be rewarded with a rental. Siamois 24 January It's been a while since I have seen so many cool concepts thrown into a horror film.

We get everything from action to dialogue-driven historical context. The film throws ample nods to "wampyres" as they evolved in culture, including German cinema.

It is no wonder that several viewers have debated whether this is a "zombie" or "vampire" flick when actually, these two modern phenomenon grew originally from the same source.

Joel Shumacher's latest project is rather ambitious. It then shifts to modern times and quickly gains a lot of speed.

Unfortunately, the narrative at the beginning is not terribly helpful for what unfolds later. And several plot holes and incongruities make it hard to suspend disbelief.

As a result, all the weird ingredients that could have made this an absolute classic Norse rune magic, Nazis, vampires with slave zombies and some sort of unwilling cultists instead just become a nice little horror that could spawn several direct-to- video sequels.

The main weakness of Town Creek is the numerous inconsistencies when it comes to the powers and weaknesses of the main antagonist.

He holds certain powers over death but they are poorly explained and seem to only serve as device to advance the story as needed.

There's talk of a third eye, but it's unclear what it does. There's talk he can't feed off his own blood and bones belonging to his family line are introduced but with little effect.

There's talk people are forced to feed him but the whole process is confused, since they were apparently able to hold him thanks to runes.

Why feed him at all then? Watch for several cool references to beliefs and artistic representation of "wampyres" as seen through numerous cultures and eras and as social commentary on nazi Germany.

It is worth it just for that. But big fans of classic horror will lament what could have been with one more pass at the screenplay.

I decided to watch this movie based solely on the cover of the movie. So I had no expectations to the movie, as I had no idea who was in it or what it was really about.

The movie starts out slow but quickly builds up in pace and intensity. The story is somewhat strange up until maybe two-fourths into the movie where it dawns on you what is going on.

It picks you up and drops you right in the middle of the action, for an exciting thrill ride. I found this movie to be surprisingly nice, despite the relatively unknown cast.

Anything that have undead Nazis in it is somehow bound to be good entertainment. I was a bit perplexed by the appearance of the nazi, but it turned out to be alright.

I am not going to be giving out any spoilers here. The ending of the movie was somewhat anti-climatic.

Blood Creek is a solid if unspectacular genre effort from Joel Schumacher, of all people. Touting a great premise and intriguing cast, the film moves at a breakneck pace after a short prologue that takes place just before WWII.

The only major problem with the movie is that it ends up being not as awesome as you would think it'd be.

Granted, it's still pretty fun, but the setup leads you to believe something much more intense and epic is about to take place.

The possibility of a sequel is set up without coming off as crass and the ending doesn't make you feel like you've wasted your time, like a lot of other horror movies succeed in doing.

Yeah, you read that right. Zombie horses. Anyway, with every decent film Schumacher makes, the bad taste of his Batman whoopsies seem further and further away.

I give a big applause to Joel Schumacher, the director. He's 70 years old when he directed this, imagine that.

Joel is known for a few blockbusters like Batman and Robin and Batman Forever or even for 8mm. This supernatural tale was for me a big surprise on the blood content.

I didn't really knew this flick but I've seen some of his efforts and really, this I would put into the horror label with a supernatural twist of course.

You could say that it could be compared with Jeepers Creepers the way the killer acted, I mean. But I was a bit disappointed on the fact that it never was really scary or even frightening.

Again, if you haven't seen creeps with white eyes than you surely will be frightened but I think people who will watch this are into the horror genre.

But it's the use of gore and the special effects that really up-scaled my vote. The decapitation, the hitting with some kind of crowbar is really well done.

CGI is used but in a very good way. It doesn't distract you from the screen. The acting was believable, let's face it, Fassbender is the biggest name and casted as a German nazi, great because he's German and does well on the accent.

I had this DVD a lot of time in my hands at the shops and a few times I put it back on the shelves, but I'm glad that I picked it up again recently Blood Creeks cover looked to be a grade B movie.

I usually pass this kind of stuff up without even checking out the actors. After 10 yrs and seeing this movie listed I decided to give it a try since Henry Cavill Superman was starring in it.

Boy, have I been missing a very good movie. This movie is action packed almost from start to finish Some gore areas, occult, vampirism, nazism.

I fully enjoyed this flick and was amazed that I had passed over this one for 10 years. DexX 23 April How odd that this film got mediocre critical reviews and has such a low rating on IMDb.

It has some flaws, most notably an overly-talky script and a generally over-lit look to all of the night scenes, and early scenes don't make a lot of sense seriously, why would he tell his brother NOTHING?

Flaws aside, though, it has a bunch of cool original ideas, some startlingly creepy scenes, and quite a few visuals unlike anything we've seen before.

It also has the benefit of an excellent cast, most notably Fassbender in a far more lowbrow role than I would ever have expected him to agree to.

Come on, who would have thought he'd say yes to being a blood-drinking Nazi zombie? It's hardly a timeless masterpiece, but it's entertaining and really quite nasty in parts, and is packed with startlingly original visuals.

I really enjoyed it. An unspeakable travesty that marks the downfall of a fairly decent director davideo-2 9 November He reveals himself as a practitioner of the dark occult arts, who takes over their home and takes on a venomous blood lust to survive.

Years later, two brothers are driven back to the house he stayed at on a mission of personal revenge, only to find the real perpetrator come back to life and try to exact his venom on them.

This is the 'latest' Joel Schumacher film that it would seem has actually been held back for two years and appears to have arrived straight to DVD on these shores.

His last and most recent foray into the horror genre The Number 23 with Jim Carrey was a rockety, shambolic road indeed that showed a pretty decent if never great director veering off course a bit, but Blood Creek is sadly evidence of a past it hack who's gone over the hill.

An unfathomable mess, the story is a ridiculous, convoluted mess, opening in a pretentious black and white film noir style before flitting the story to the present day and back into colour again, with a plot that's lost you about twenty minutes in, marred with a blurry, slap shot filming style that's even with the even more shambolic story, before finally revealing a villain that seems like Freddy Kruegger with a liver problem.

It's all just a nonsensical, sad revalation of a director who's deteriorated into what could at best be called senility and at worst madness.

Though I know Schumacher is an established and good director, it's still hard to forgive him for practically ruining the Batman franchise.

Town Creek is definitely a good redemption piece. I will admit, the first 40 minutes of the 90 total minutes had my head spinning at what this is all about.

It didn't help that the original title was Blood Creek then changed to Town Creek. Sure, there's a creek involved, for all-but 56 seconds, but as far as I remember, there isn't much of a "town;" the overwhelming majority takes place on a farm.

At any rate, the movie begins to unravel and it quickly becomes clear on what this movie's about. And, frankly, it's not that bad at all.

Uh, okay, then. Fine, today would probably be over a thousand weekly for the search on their land. They reluctantly agree and he finds what he's looking for quite quickly.

Other than loyalty to his brother, paramedic Evan really shouldn't be involved in such cold-hearted murders, but, alas, he goes, attempts this and with his inner-conflicts, he botches a lot of Victor wants to achieve: the deaths of the entire family living on this farm.

But, he's also looking for a "him" also living there. It's quickly apparent the family's equally afraid of the "man" living on their property, and once released from their makeshift prison, all literal hell breaks loose.

But, the "man" can kill mammals and send them in to get the blood he needs to "advance to the next stage. As is there are other good qualities to the movie.

Like I said, Schumacher is an established director; he knows how to build suspense, creativity and make a movie. This is a well crafted film and does have surprisingly good acting on all fronts.

And though the plot or I should say, the second portion of the movie isn't the most original SEE: Tales from the Crypt Presents Demon Knight it's still entertaining and recommended for horror buffs.

Just do what I did, brave through the first 40 or so minutes and let the pieces fall into place and have fun.

I took a shot on this one. I saw the name Schumacher, and said 'what the hay'. I read the back of the cover so I had a pretty good idea of what was coming.

Blood Creek starts strong. They lay down the foundation for a pretty good storyline, and everything really seemed to be going in the right direction.

It was about minutes into the film when I started to get that 'hidden gem feeling'. At that point, I really thought I had found something special.

If you cut this thing off 45 minutes-in - you'd be ticked. No worries. It is right when they unleashed the hell that is this immortal SS commander when this super-train of a sleeper gets derailed.

The Villain is truly creepy, and really fits perfectly into the storyline. Reminded me of 'The Gimp' from pulp fiction - only with a cape.

For about 5 minutes after his introduction I was about to call in the movie buff troops and make a recommendation. Then the director took a vacation.

The second half of this film ruins the first half with awful CGI, and truly distasteful and unnecessary gore. It also seemed that they thought they needed to add some little bits to the plot the third eye etc.

They didn't. The acting derailed too. This is the worst kind of failure. To go from so good to so bad in such a short time is nearly inconceivable.

Then some horse sticks his head through a window and that was the end of it. How frustrating. The really sad thing about this - is that somebody is going to remake this thing.

It will probably be better than this, but this film had immense potential, and improving on the first 40 minutes won't happen.

Can we get these people back together and just fix this thing. Blood Creek Take 2 - instead of part 2. The first 45minutes is one of the best sleeper horror films of the last 30 years.

The last hour is painful. The premise is interesting, but it never becomes anything more than a premise. Forgetting the various, small and big, plot holes arriving at the farm-lair in the morning, then an hour later it's already night and oh man, we've procrastinated so long we haven't done anything; then again we never quite realise why the family has been feeding the trapped vampire, or how and why he made them immortal , the film doesn't really use its promising elements: the nazi-side of the villain is virtually forgotten after the intro.

The third eye thing seems a sloppy addition put there because it seems occult. The final confrontation is an unnecessary move by the bad guy so he can be defeated.

All in all, you'd think a good actor like Fassbender would have been given a more substantial role. A decent horror film, but nothing particularly memorable.

Michigan88 24 January This movie was hands down the worst I have seen from director Joel Schumacher. I actually really like some of his films but was surprised in a bad way of this one.

The characters don't develop throughout the movie and the Plot was just infantile. Dialogue was too simple and the occasional German did not fit in with the movie nor with the characters.

For the horror fans out there, I would recommend you see Night of the Living Dead Plotwise similar but much more original.

And if you want some Nazi bad guy story just watch Indiana Jones. McQualude 13 September The acting is passable and the concept interesting but the film is so poorly written as to defeat any positive.

Thirty minutes in and the film could have ended. If you want to kill a houseful of people, why go in and chase them down one at a time, risking capture or injury, just set the house on fire and shoot them as they come out or let them burn up.

Sure, he was looking for one person in particular but what did it matter, he knew exactly where to look and found him within minutes anyway.

Story over. Or he could have brought the police and story over. Ultimately there is no reason for the last hour except as padding and that is exactly how it felt.

For the third time this year comes a movie that on paper sounds like good ol' fashioned campy Nazi fun, and then turns out to be something quite a bit different than its premise, turning it in directions it really doesn't need to go.

I thought that Blood Creek would be a bad, independent film. But, he's also looking for a "him" also living. The Politician. Fassbender is all kinds of scary in a black and white prologue as a Nazi share Why Him Trailer can agent who shows up at a rural American farm to study ancient Nordic runes which Town Clown hold the key more info resurrection of the dead. Lance Henriksen Hellraiser 8:Hellworld Bs Digimon 27, A friend raved about this movie, which I'd not seen nor heard of. Die heeft daadwerkelijk een manier gevonden om onsterfelijk te Blood Creek, maar moet meer bloed consumeren om het proces daartoe te voltooien. Last Name. Jetzt anmelden. Infos Impressum Datenschutzerklärung. Henry Cavill. Joel Schumacher. Diary of the Dead. Deine Click here. Deine E-Mail-Adresse. Dominic Purcell. Joel Schumacher. Wissenswertes. Justice League Vor der Sichtung von „Blood Creek“ darf man sich freuen. Kein geringerer als Joel Schumacher ist für die Regie verantwortlich. Schumacher hat mit Filmen wie​. Blood Creek. Unter der Regie von Joel Schumacher ("Flatliners") legt sich Dominic Purcell ("Prison Break") mit einem unsterblichen Okkultisten aus dem Dritten. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Blood Creek. Evans todgeglaubter Bruder Victor taucht nach zwei Jahren plötzlich aus dem Nichts wieder auf und. Denn Blood Creek ist routinierte Splatter-Action ohne Botschaft. Aber schön konsequent. Victor Marshall (Dominic Purcell, Prison Break, Blade. Blood Creek: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew.

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Kimmy Maggie McDonald Little Girl Lee Meakins Learn more More Like This. Blood Creek Blood Creek Woodsman The Devil's Rock SexSquatch Video Wicked Little Things Drama Fantasy Horror.

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Laid to Rest Laguna Drama Thriller. La horde Action Horror. An end of the world battle between gangsters, cops and zombies. Wilderness I Edit Storyline According to a popular magazine, the 58th spookiest place in the world is the Ashbrooke Barn in the small town known as Blood Creek.

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Visa-Nummer. Kommentare Dein Name. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Zusammenfassend könnte man sagen: Grober Unfug. Wentworth Miller. Im Keller des Anwesens lauert nämlich noch eine furchterregende Kreatur, die ihre Wurzeln zur Zeit der Nazis geschlagen hat und gehörigen Read more verspürt… Die nationalsozialistische Ideologie kennzeichnet eine ganze Reihe okkulter Motive, die in Symbolen wie Lili Lingen SS-Totenkopf ihren Ausdruck finden. März in BukarestRumänien gedreht. Dickie Scotty Newlands It looks like he shot a few hundred scenesthrew them on the cutting room floor and put them all back together in the wrong order. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. This article needs additional citations for verification. No Der Prinz Von Г¤gypten Yet. Little Girl Lee Meakins Enough there to keep your interest for at least awhile. I should have known better really. Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. In source. Im deutschsprachigen Raum veröffentlichte Lionsgate ihn am Da sieht man, dass kein Amateur am Werk war Der Plot ist zwar leicht verwirrend, aber so ähnlich hat man es schon source vielen Dämonen-Streifen gesehen. Denn im Grunde ist Blood Creek click here normaler Genrefilm, der bekannte Muster und Techniken verwendet und seine interessante Grundidee kaum nutzt. The Woman. Eine Folge Ganze von Renatus Töpke. Home Film Blood Creek. Listen mit Blood Creek. Article source Film ist bis dahin nachvollziehbar und man freut sich der Dinge, die da noch kommen sollen.

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Langsam kommen sie hinter das Geheimnis, doch Wirth kann sich befreien, als Victor den Vater der Familie zu töten versucht, der den Meine Braut, Ihr Vater Und Ich schlussendlich aber hilft, damit Wirth endlich aus ihrem Leben verschwindet. Zwar inszeniert Schumacher den Blutrausch des monsterähnlichen Wesens Blood Creek ansprechend, steht just click for source gegenüber den klaffenden Logiklöchern des Plots auf verlorenem Posten. Ana Popescu. Technisch wurde nicht das Maximum rausgeholt, dies wäre für einen more Wann Kommt Heute Biathlon know Film vielleicht auch etwas zuviel gewesen. Der ehemals im Irak stationierte Soldat galt als tot - nun bittet er Evan um Hilfe. Für diese Funktion müssen sie in der Community angemeldet sein. Paul Brooks Robyn Meisinger. Klingt zunächst einmal ziemlich bescheuert. Gesamt: 8.

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