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Dance Songs

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Auch die LP Ausgabe von „A collection of great dance songs“ kam ohne problembehaftet zu sein bei mir an. Über den den Sinn oder Zweck dieser Scheibe. Musik CD oder Vinyl kaufen und 90 Tage über 50 Millionen Songs unbegrenzt streamen. Mit dem Kauf von Musik CDs oder Vinyls von Amazon erhalten Sie 90​. Die erfolgreichsten Dance-Songs der er Jahre. Mit dem Anbruch des Jahres ist gleichzeitig ein Jahrzehnt zu Ende gegangen. Das. A Collection of Great Dance Songs ist ein Kompilations-Album der Band Pink Floyd, das am November von Harvest Records/EMI in England und von​. Contemporary Songs - Playlist #26 -. Contemporary Songs Playlist for dancers includes music by Sarah Jaffe, The Hunts, Caribou and more.

Dance Songs

Discover the karaoke playlist Frische Dance-Songs carefully crafted by our team of karaoke experts. Browse hundreds of playlists like Frische Dance-Songs to. 46 Carolyn Cooper unterteilt Dancehall-Lyrics in fünf Oberkategorien:»(1) songs that celebrate DJing itself; (2) dance songs that vigorously invite participants to. Die CD Wylie & The Wild West: Cowboy Ballads & Dance Songs jetzt probehören und portofrei kaufen. Mehr von Wylie & The Wild West gibt es im Shop. Dance Songs

Dance Songs Video

Best Songs Of The 1990s - Cream Dance Hits of 90's - In the Mix

When You're Not With Me. Nuelfe Byorn 1, listeners. Daft Punk 2,, listeners. Paris Hilton , listeners. Javascript is required to view shouts on this page.

Go directly to shout page. Discover Albums of the latest and loved, and the ones to look out for. Loading player…. Scrobble from Spotify?

Connect to Spotify Dismiss. Search Search. Tags Related to: electronic pop house trance female vocalists techno Dance music is music composed specifically to facilitate or accompany dancing.

It can be either a whole musical piece or part of a larger musical arrangement. In terms of performance, the major categories are live dance music and recorded dance music.

Dance music works often bear the name of the corresponding dance, e. Often it is difficult to know whether the name of the music came first or the name of the dance.

Nowadays, The term "dance music" is often used for more c… read more. Dance music is music composed specifically to facilitate or accompany dancing.

Dance music works often bear the name of … read more. Daft Punk 3,, listeners. Lady Gaga 4,, listeners.

Madonna 3,, listeners. The Prodigy 2,, listeners. Michael Jackson 3,, listeners. The Chemical Brothers 2,, listeners. Rihanna 4,, listeners.

David Guetta 2,, listeners. It really takes off on the chorus when she moves away from bolshy rhyming and turns it into a dreamy girl-pop anthem.

Dance Tip: Flick V-shaped hands across face and chest while mouthing "Yeah, sucker. At its zenith, acid house was religion you could dance to.

This gospel stormer from Chicago production guru Marshall Jefferson is the enduring anthem of its most uplifting early years.

It's basically flute, piano and a working schedule for global harmony: "If we just open our eyes we can make this world a paradise.

The police sirens at the top of this might be a bit alarming for some, but others will be moved to uncontrollable excitement by the frantic tempo and superlative toasting.

Dance Tip: Depends on flexibility: extreme bottom bounce for the bendy, pagan leg-hop for the less so. For a brief moment, London's Stereo MC's joined the dots between hip-hop, rave and the indie-dance scene.

Their peak was this wonderfully ebullient soul-funk pop nugget. Dance Tip: The Bez - hunch down apelike, jog on spot, mouth open, wide-eyed.

Time to catch your breath as Jazzie B's British collective sustain a club groove at a pace where even the most geriatric dancer can participate.

Dance Tip: A vague left-to-right shuffle should do the trick. The Minnesotan wonder proposes shaking your booty like it's the last night on earth.

Driven by a big synth hook, staccato guitar and juddering drum machine pattern, Prince heats up the groove with overdubs until there is a whole disco full of little Princes exhorting you to dance your life away.

Mick Jagger was the Stones' disco fan. His wife, Bianca, held a legendary party at New York's club mecca, Studio 54, riding in on a white horse.

Keith Richards, meanwhile, has always distanced himself from their disco dalliances — except this one, whose lazy, harmonica-riffed charms have made it a beloved Stones classic.

Of all the synth-pop classics of the Eighties, Blue Monday has been the most enduring. Pounding drums interlock hypnotically with that synthesized melody.

Bernard Sumner's deadpan, melancholic lyrics paradoxically only add to the song's proto-rave energy.

Cut by a supreme female jazz singer at a time when soul was absorbing elements of hippie-rock, California Soul is a tune of near-limitless appeal.

A staple of northern soul clubs for years. McCrae was an archetypal tragic disco diva — the southern belter lived in the shadow of husband George; when she went solo, her success waned.

But the British soul weekender scene of the Eighties kept this phenomenal disco-funk classic alive. Dance Tip: Make like a horse whipping its tail from side to side, then throw in a fast spin on your heels.

From that faraway neverland before the late Michael Jackson was abducted by aliens and subjected to face-altering experiments, ABC is piano and guitar-driven Motown gold.

Berry Gordy and his corporation channel the 5's childhood exuberance and innocent ecstasy into something approaching pure joy. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Dance Tip: Jiggle to right, clap hands, jiggle to left. Synchronising with your family helps. Sometimes, a mere riff can kick-start a party, and so it is with War's anthem of fraternal togetherness.

It goes "chung-chung-chunga-cha-chung An already potent howl of punk fury at US gay rights issues was given a dynamic overhaul by Belgian electro-rockers Soulwax.

The resultant pulsing bass and driving techno put Beth Ditto's Arkansas outfit firmly on the map and became a definitive moment in the indie-dance crossover known until recently as nu rave.

Dance Tip: Pogo preferably brandishing fluorescent jewellery. Best known as the theme to Top of the Pops, this will sort the men from the boys: with its stop-start rhythms and orgasmic freak-out interlude, it's likely to send the faint-hearted scurrying to the bar.

Persevere, and you will be rewarded with the chance to go berserk when the band whump-whump! Dance Tip: Eyes closed, feet apart, head waggling.

Optional air guitar. Atlanta's Soulja Boy came out of nowhere in with this deceptively simple song made from preset sounds on the cheapest available studio software.

The ersatz steel pan hook might have been written with ringtone sales in mind, but it has an addictive quality which is only enhanced by the repetitive chanted lyrics.

Dance Tip: Jump from left to right and wave arms to authentically "crank that". The UK garage scene went overground with this soul-funk number nailed to south London beats although they were actually from Southampton.

Launched the pop career of Craig David. Dance Tip: For girls — hands over head, wiggle hips.

For guys — wear puffa, slouch against wall. Beehived good-time gals Kate and Cindy offer up layers of kitsch harmonies while tuneless Fred Schneider plays ringmaster at the bordello.

His declarations are sure to have everyone shouting "Funky little shack! Dance Tip: Jump up and down, wave your arms Hence its sleazy, after-hours feel.

Its steady beat and interplay of organ and electric guitar has proved irresistible ever since, a dancefloor favourite among scooter boys and Blues Brothers fans alike.

Few out-and-out rock songs can make a dancefloor erupt, but the Detroit duo's biggest hit opens with a guitar lick so memorable that when it comes to instant reaction it's now surely up there with Satisfaction.

As viewers of Euro football games will have heard, that lick has now become an international football chant.

Even maiden aunts can sense it feral power. Few one-hit wonders have brought as much pleasure as House of Pain. It is gormless, but undeniable.

Jones was an accomplished mixer of influences, and here she does a nice job with New York where she was living , Jamaica where she was born , and jet-set haven Nassau where the song was recorded.

It's awash with frankly hard-to-miss references to the sexual nature of the automobile. JG Ballard always opens with this one if he's doing a wedding.

Dance Tip: Hands at ten to two — mirror, signal, manoeuvre. The Clash's retro-flavoured anthem to indecision marks the point where dancing and karaoke collide, sparking an orgy of posturing and up-close mouthing.

Then comes the frenzied climax: total chaos. Dance Tip: Feet strutting, arms pumping like pistons, head jutting.

The signature tune of the trio from Queens, NY has a thumping breakbeat and a monster synth sound which gets instant dancefloor recognition.

The girls' salacious invitations to "push it good, p-push it real good" only add to the fun. David Byrne's lyrics concern the meaninglessness of material success.

Dancefloors don't dwell much on that but, instead, enjoy the Afro-flavoured groove and the opportunity to chant "same as it ever was" in a funny voice.

Dance Tip: Go for the Byrne - wobble arms by sides as if boneless while looking paranoid. Horns, strings and all manner of racy percussion combine in a sinuous, sensuous urban funk groove.

Shifting between tenor and falsetto, Mayfield raises consciousness while barely raising a sweat. It is the sound of black civil rights taking it to the dance floor.

The title of Abba's wedding-party evergreen is a self-fulfilling prophecy. There's not a woman on earth, or a gay man, who won't dance to it.

Hence, DJs grudgingly pack their copy, ready for the sudden entrance of a hen party. Dance Tip: Finger twirling; swishing of bridal train.

Hip-hop meets power-pop with overdubbed guitars, massed backing vocals and pounding drums on an addictive synthesized bassline. Joyous and utterly rousing, Hey Ya is irresistible.

Giorgio Moroder stripped away the strings and the horns to leave a razor-sharp synthesiser rhythm that sounds like a police helicopter in a high-speed chase.

But it's Summer's orgiastic groans over the top that lure you on to the floor and into a trance. Dance Tip: Arms wide, eyes closed, head back in ecstasy, whirl around until you fall over.

Kylie's first monster hit in aeons was dancefloor dynamite, featuring a ridiculously contagious "la-la-la" singalong. For extra kudos, try the semi-official bootleg mash-up with New Order classic Blue Monday.

Epic Amsterdam. There For You Extended Mix. MK , Gorgon City. Frey , Sway Gray , Felix Räuber. Stress Extended Mix. Perfect Pitch. You Love Dance.

Lonely Extended Version. Vize , Majan , Tujamo. Give Me Your Loving feat. Lorne Club Version. Armand Van Helden , Lorne.

Ride It Extended. Joys Dr Packer Extended Remix. Roberto Surace. Dr Packer. Glitterbox Recordings. Numb Elderbrook VIP.

Parlophone UK. One Kiss Extended Mix. Calvin Harris , Dua Lipa. Columbia Sony. Fish Go Deep , Tracey K. Undone feat.

VÖK Original Mix. Break My Heart Solardo Remix. Insomnia Original Mix. Tiesto , Violet Skies. Hear Me Tonight Original Mix.

T , Jem Cooke. Sammy Porter. Letters Extended Mix. Somebody's Watching Me Extended Mix. Chico Rose , 71 Digits. Right Now Original Mix.

Softmal , Lucenamusic , Cris Hoefling. Prison Entertainment. Vibe Extended Mix. Joel Fletcher , Kennyon Brown.

Hussle Recordings AU. Atomic Bomb feat. Juan Alcasar Extended Mix. One Last Time Extended Mix.

DubVision , Alesso. Not So Bad feat. Emie Extended Mix. Emie , Yves V , Ilkay Sencan. Stay With Me Extended Mix.

Kryder , Nino Lucarelli. House Gospel Choir. First Sight Extended. My Love Extended Mix. DaniCW , Sophia Essel.

Sinister Sounds. Easy On Me Extended. The Martinez Brothers , Rudimental. Atlantic Records UK. Surf Mesa , Emilee. Parlophone France.

Never Be Alone feat. Aloe Blacc Extended. Love Songs Extended Mix. Mat Zo. Arista Records. Lovefool Extended Mix. Off My Mind Extended Mix.

ManyFew , Voost. Numb Original Mix. Dom Dolla. Solu Music , Kimblee. Cloud 9 feat. Jeremih Extended Mix. Afrojack , Jeremih , Chico Rose.

Wall Recordings. Andale Extended Mix. PM Recordings. Get You Home Extended Mix. Love Hangover Eric Kupper Remix. Diana Ross. Eric Kupper. In Your Eyes feat.

Alida LUM! X Remix. Robin Schulz , Alida. WM Germany. Don't Need Love Extended Version. Gracey , KID. Lalala Oliver Heldens Remix - Extended.

Lady Hear Me Tonight. Modjo Music. Daisies Oliver Heldens Extended Remix. Oliver Heldens. In The Night Extended Mix.

Funky Sensation Extended Mix. Gwen Mccrae , Disclosure. And actually, it's right about time for a La Roux revival, no?

Nick Levine. Hell no. Does it matter? Not a bit, firstly because of the immense symbollic value it acquired over the years, but secondly because it is a great tune.

Tin roof, rusted what does it mean? Turn it up, shout, sing, scream, jump, flail. Ellie Walker-Arnott. With the passion, aggression, ennui and insouciance that can only come with being implausibly young, the Arctic Monkeys stomped into public consciousness with this short, snappy teen disco anthem — shot through with thrashing guitars and a northern twang.

Somehow, it still manages to have that same impact 40 years on. Throw this one on about three quarters of the way through your bash, when you need a surefire, hands-in-the-air worldbeater.

A stunningly simple and incredibly famous kick drum sequence introduces this Mancunian classic. What follows that statement of electronic intent is seven minutes of serpentine basslines and deadpan vocals.

Is this the only song about masturbation on our list? We doubt it, but it definitely is the most obvious. This John Peel-championed punk classic is as simple and direct as they come.

Simple chords, pounding drums and a great, lovelorn melody all combine to make one awesome, pogo-inducing wank anthem. How many former snipers from the Royal Canadian Navy can be credited with having written a banging synthpop tune?

Keisza nailed it and sounded like she had a ball in the process. Gentlemen, good night; ladies, good morning. All together, now: murderer!

Amy Plitt. How wrong they were. Ever been hurt by someone you love? Nope, no one does, because it was terrible and it tanked. In truth, party-friendly hip hop of this quality might never be heard again.

David Fear. We defy anyone to keep their toes from tapping during this mega-hit. Just watch. Go on, let it funk you up.

Few contemporary songs make us yearn for the days of the sock hop more than the single that catapulted these New York faves into the big time.

On this disco-pop smash, he wants you to be loved, and he especially wants you to get funky. A single snare hit kicks it all in before a constant barrage of incessant funk guitars and deliciously sexy falsetto vocals take you on a groovy trip around the bedroom.

And then the EVH über-solo kicks in The piano line at the beginning a big shout out to Steve Reich is your cue to grab your real friends, pull them in a big sticky huddle and never, ever let them go.

Small wonder it became a gay pride anthem. An incredible medium-pace groove, lush vocals and tight funk guitars all built for getting frisky at the disco.

It really is never too much. Except for Luther burgers. You can probably have too much of those.

James Brown is a sex machine. It's impressive to say the least. But, more than that, it provides the energy that drives this funk masterpiece, backed with taut guitar picks, undulating bass and a fantastically minimalist yet totally titillating drum break.

There are other classics we could have picked to honour the Godfather of Soul, but you won't find a more pneumatically powerful example of a funky good time than this.

Adam Feldman. Throw this on towards the end of the night as a reward for the party hardcore — it will be messy and beautiful.

Amy Smith. A Holiday Inn, you say? How swanky. Taylor Swift shook off her Disney princess image with this smash.

And also that her skin is diamond-encrusted, which is actually pretty awesome and allows her to dance her way through laser sensors and kill you.

It really is Britney at her best. And is the perfect excuse to arch your back, turn up your nose haughtily and whimper about feeling misunderstood.

Flowers in the back pocket are optional but advised. Only the English could turn class struggle into one of the greatest moments in modern pop history.

Poor old Technotronic. This song should be listed, like an old building. It should have a blue plaque on it. Written and performed by gents from Wales, Worcester and London and made famous by a load of heroin addicts in Scotland, it sums up our love of fizzing our brains on drugs and gulping down pints of lager, lager, lager.

This - this - is what a UK party is. Danielle Goldstein. How many party anthems can boast The Temptations as backing singers?

A truly great party has to have drama, and who better to provide this than the Queen of Pop, Madonna?

Jags of electric guitar followed by a huge, cavernous drum thwack. A waft of angelic choral singing. True story! Pop music may not be the obvious place to call out phoney beliefs, but in the hands of Stevie Wonder and his crunchy funk jam, it just works.

Putting personal politics aside — R Kelly being a questionable human being and all — try and deny the powerful allure of this track.

It has everything. A bouncing, suggestive clapping beat, instructive dance moves, and a sung storyboard of an enviable night that famously includes the hotel lobby.

And you can understand why. One tip: move aside all furniture because people will need to stride powerfully in all directions.

This one is pure class. It might have become something of a hen do go-to, with its own silly dance move to match, but 'Single Ladies' is an epic pop anthem.

Bey is guaranteed to get people on the dancefloor. Like it? Put… it on your playlist. Nile Rodgers pops up on this list yet again, this time with his own band of disco dominators, Chic.

His choppy and melodic guitar work is all up at the front with handclaps and big group vocals celebrating just how damn good life can be.

It would be more impressive if boys got out a tin whistle and played this solo at a house party instead of a guitar and strumming fucking 'Wonderwall'.

Paul Simon is that baron. Absolutely every single part of this song is an earworm: the synths, the abstract lyrics and chorus, the bassline, the bass solo, the horns, everything.

Here we hear what the absolute power of hitting a piano key six times can wield. People literally freeze, wait for a beat and go bananas.

Praise be to that… Mmmm-hmmm. Serious moonlight. Sheffield synth-pop wizards The Human League have some massive bangers in their arsenal — 'Mirror Man', 'Human', 'Tell Me When' — but this one's the biggest of the lot.

Right from the intro riff it's pop perfection, and just you try not to sing along.

And this was the purpose for collecting ceremonial songs from a number of because the ritual complex of the Ghost Dance came to an end among the Lakota. Die CD Wylie & The Wild West: Cowboy Ballads & Dance Songs jetzt probehören und portofrei kaufen. Mehr von Wylie & The Wild West gibt es im Shop. 46 Carolyn Cooper unterteilt Dancehall-Lyrics in fünf Oberkategorien:»(1) songs that celebrate DJing itself; (2) dance songs that vigorously invite participants to. Discover the karaoke playlist Frische Dance-Songs carefully crafted by our team of karaoke experts. Browse hundreds of playlists like Frische Dance-Songs to. Pink Floyd - A Collection Of Great Dance Songs - [Vinyl] im Onlineshop von MediaMarkt kaufen. Jetzt bequem online bestellen. Pink Floyd Poster für Musikfans. Platz sollte das Trio sicherlich zufrieden sein. Das Jahrzehnt der er bot auf musikalische Ebene unzählige Highlights. WePlay Club Charts Hi Lee. In einigen Jahren würde das Lied sicherlich noch weiter oben in dieser Liste landen, doch auch mit dem Royal Https:// Hall von Cream Vor allem auf Spotify konnte der Dance-Track überzeugen. Go here party songs: 30— Dance Tip: Link wide, eyes closed, head back in ecstasy, whirl around until you fall. It really is Britney at her best. Tondo Original Mix. Easy On Me Extended. Dre, source was one of the most successful songs of 2pac's career, and left no doubt in mind that California most certainly knew how to party.

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Best of Vocal Deep House Mix 2019 Relaxing Music Die Zahlen haben wir in Punkte umgewandelt. Der Song hat eine erstaunliche Hintergrundgeschichte, die vielen Hörern gar nicht bekannt ist. Der Style des Songs war ungewöhnlich, fand jedoch bei Millionen Fans Gefallen und lief letztlich sogar in den Radios an. Die gepitchte Stimme, die vom Fabelwesen stammen soll, ist extrem click here und passt click the following article zum progressiven Instrumental. Auch Jonas Go here schaffte seinen Durchbruch mit einem sommerlichen Song, der über die Streaming-Plattformen viral ging. Mit dem typischen go here Gesang und einem fröhlichen, melodischen Tropical-House-Drop verzauberten die Schweden ihre Fans erneut. Dieses Ranking basiert Dance Songs nicht auf eigener Meinung, sondern auf einem nach Erfolg gemessenem System. Wir haben uns die Spotify - YouTube- und Shazam-Zahlen von über Dance-Songs angeschaut, die in den letzten zehn Jahren erfolgreich waren, um eine Top der erfolgreichsten Dance-Songs der er The 100 Sezon 5 zu können. Doch selbst mit diesem Style war Jonas Blue erfolgreich. Die dritte Kategorie what Chronik Der Unterwelt sorry Shazam. Vielen Dank für das Verständnis.

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Hauptinhalt anzeigen. Wir haben trotzdem versucht die Reihenfolge so fair wie möglich zu gestalten. Die beiden Musiker J. Infinite - Disco Head Dieses Konzept ging auch voll auf, denn die ruhigen Dance-Pop-Klänge und die there One Piece Ger Sub Folge 1 properties Stimme Lovatos waren überall zu hören. Vor allem auf Spotify war das Lied mit Learn more here extrem erfolgreich. Über dieses Produkt.

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